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Cladding Removal & Cladding Replacement via Rope Access

Specialists in cladding removal & cladding replacement at height or in difficult to access locations. Our service is of particular benefit on high-rise properties, or when buildings must remain entirely operational, utilising rope access as the mode of access for safe, unobtrusive, and cost effective cladding solutions.

Cladding Replacement Solutions


Cladding replacement at height and in difficult to access work zones has become one of the core service offerings from SG Access , operating both from cradles and via rope access (often a combination fo the two), to provide unobtrusive, safe, efficient and cost effective solutions to cladding replacement requirements, from initial survey through to full replacement, particularly on high-rise properties, or sensitive projects where the building must remain operational.


Multiple of high profile projects both completed and ongoing UK wide, including works in London, Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, including:


  • Full cladding replacement from inception to completion -19 strong IRATA rope access team, c. 6 months. Rope access & cradles, removal of existing and re-installation of new unitised panels on East & West Towers and full cladding replacement on Core G at QEUH, Govan Southern General Hospital, Glasgow.
  • Cladding replacement building wide. 8 strong IRATA rope access team, c. 5 months. ope access & cradles, Blenheim Centre, Hounslow, London.

Cladding  services :


  • Cladding inspections & surveys
  • Cladding installation
  • Cladding remedial repairs & maintenance
  • Cladding removal
  • Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) replacement

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