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Category: Fall Protection


Edinburgh Castle

The requirements of design, inspection & installation of modern Fall Protection Systems don’t always go hand in hand with the requirements of buildings of historic importance. Ensuring safe and conformant access systems to protect against falls from height, whist also respecting the unique needs of our built heritage, relies upon an in depth knowledge and […]


Wishaw General Hospital

Designed in a grid style with 18 internal courtyards, Wishaw General Hospital was completed prior to the arrival of CDM regulations, which dictate a requirement for a maintenance plan to be incorporated into the design and construction of any building. Consequently the hospital was without a roof access system or high level maintenance strategy, and repairs and maintenance could not be carried out at high level throughout the majority of the hospital.


Fair Isle Bird Observatory

An increased awareness of Health and safety law in the workplace led to discussions of how to protect employees against the falling hazard. SG were subsequently commissioned to provide safe systems to the cliffs and paths of Fair Isle. Working with delicate substrates to create anchors in predetermined locations was challenging, and complex expedition logistics […]