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High Level Gutter Cleaning Edinburgh

SG provide high level gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance services for tenement buildings and other difficult to access locations, utilising rope access as our mode of access.

Rope Access Gutter Cleaning Edinburgh

A recent survey of Edinburgh’s historic buildings by Edinburgh World Heritage found that 72% of the buildings inspected were in need of some kind of maintenance or repair, with main problems including a lack of gutter cleaning and a lack of roof or stonework maintenance, a fact which goes as far as to threaten Edinburgh’s World Heritage status.


At SG we have long believed that difficult access is a main contributing factor to this, with tenement property owners in particular reluctant or unable to pay large sums of money on access solutions such as scaffolding or MEWP, for what is the relatively simple and minor task of cleaning out a gutter, or replacing a slipped slate, and as a consequence regular maintenance is being ignored until lack of maintenance precipitates the requirement for more major works, and warrants the expense of a full height scaffold on both elevations.


Rope Access (Industrial Abseiling) can help with this. At SG we utilise the skills acquired working on buildings of historic importance in the public domain, to provide a domestic maintenance service for Edinburgh, offering a safe, efficient, cost effective option to carrying out regular domestic maintenance at height.


  • Gutter cleaning at height via Rope Access
  • High level Gutter maintenance for Edinburgh tenements
  • Downpipe rodding
  • Gutter and downpipe painting
  • Slate repairs
  • Roof remedial works
  • Traditional masonry repairs