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Industrial Rope Access

Industrial Rope Access is an effective mode of safely working at height or in difficult to access locations. The combination of specialist training and specialised equipment allows safe, efficient, cost-effective, versatile solutions to work at height and difficult access problems, providing safe access to the work zone, and enabling works to proceed with minimum impact on structure or surroundings.


Industrial rope access is a safe method of working at height, where ropes and specialist equipment are used to gain access and egress to and from work zones, enabling works to be carried out safely in difficult to access locations across a variety of industries and sectors.


SG Access are a specialist work at height & difficult access company, placing a strong emphasis on safety and efficiency. SG operatives are highly trained & certified, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, even in the most challenging of scenarios.



Safe, Efficient, Versatile, Cost Effective and Unobtrusive, the minimal time taken to install rope access systems generally make it quicker and more cost effective than scaffolding or MEWP’s, and the versatility and uninvasive nature techniques mean specialist  teams can proceed with minimum impact on structure and surroundings, often at a fraction of the cost.


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